Two new Roche Diagnostics platforms

Two new Roche Diagnostics platforms

HISTALIM strengthens its positioning in Multiplex IHC and companion diagnostic by integrating two new Roche Diagnostics platforms.

Current developments in the field of cancer immunotherapies require increased tissue analysis. The characterization of tumor microenvironment and its immune interaction within the tumor has become a strategic stake in immuno oncology. This is what HISTALIM offers to investigate when it partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies at each stage of their developments.

To enforce this positioning and accelerate the growth of its activity, HISTALIM which previously relied on two Roche Diagnostics systems has recently invested to double its capacities in the Ventana range, which is sold by Roche Diagnostics France, the subsidiary of the in vitro diagnostic activities of the Swiss Roche Group. Jean-Philippe COTON, HISTALIM’s CEO said: “Roche Diagnostics France partners with us since the launch of our activity in immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. Today HISTALIM figures among the leading service providers in Europe for multiplex IHC. Roche Diagnostics France was already active in multiplex tissue labeling. So it was obvious for us to empower this partnership”.

Alexis PUSCH, Life Science Alliances Manager Pharma – EMEA LATAM at Roche Diagnostics France added: “We are very happy to carry on the development of our relationship with HISTALIM, a company we have seen continuously grow since its beginning and which is now starting a new phase of its development after having reached a leading position on its market. Multiplex IHC is a key driver of our markets. Multiplication of companion diagnostics linked to marketed immunotherapies leads pathology toward a more complex discipline than it has ever had. These changes will bring lots of innovation so we are happy to help HISTALIM being able to work on these innovations using our platforms.”


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