HISTALIM, food histology

As the first laboratory 100% dedicated to the histological analysis of food products, HISTALIM supports the actors of the food sector in their quality approach by offering them an efficient way to check the composition of their food products containing meat or fish.

Our business

Putting histological techniques at the service of all actors in the food sector:




-Collective catering

-Certifying bodies…in order to support them in their quality approach.

Independence, Confidentiality

HISTALIM’s independence from the actors of the food sector guarantees its clients absolute confidentiality and the integrity of the results. All our staff is contractually committed to this through a confidentiality charter. Everyone acts objectively and impartially and remains free of any commercial, financial or other pressure that could compromise the results.

Quality Management

Our quality management system complies with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. In addition, the management of the continuous improvement of our activities has been organized according to a process approach, in accordance with the recommendations of the ISO 9001 v2000 standard.