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Research and development

Research and development

Beyond providing technical services in histology, Histalim is able to conduct research projects for third parties. Those services are, among other things, based on a bibliographic work necessary to address the most delicate technological and scientific challenges. For that type of services, clients initially approve set objectives and remain the decision-maker of its project through periodic intermediate deliverables provided by Histalim.

In-house Research & Development:

Histalim is conducting its own in-house R&D program to be continuously able to provide its clients with even more innovative technologies and services in tissue imaging.

Our R&D activities focus on the research for new tissue targets using special stains, as well as on the development of biomarkers through techniques such as immunohistochemistry or in-situ-hybridization. Those research projects are supported by computer applications for image analysis and digital pathology that we develop in-house as well. New approaches to image processing, such as colocalization studies or multimodal imaging, are new paths that are nowadays being explored to design future applications.

Scientific partnerships and collaborative projects:

HISTALIM is strongly committed to creating strategic alliances with many players in research (private or public). We take an active role in collaborative research programs (ranging from broad collaborations to collaborations on a precise subject) and in partnerships with researchers or experts from many different fields.