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Our values


For each project we gather the full range of scientific expertise required for achieving the set objectives. With a pragmatic mind-set, we believe that simple technologies enable to get relevant results in many cases. And to meet the most ambitious technical challenges, we do not hesitate to incorporate the latest innovations in our work.


We are proud to provide scientific services with a real sense of service. Providing our clients with an active listening to their needs is essential in our view. This allows us to adapt to the specific requirements of their sector, whatever their field of activity. We show responsiveness and involvement in every project we carry out.


Standardization of our practices, traceability of the data that we process, analyze or produce, and following the rules of organizational and management good practice are crucial values in our view. Far beyond just complying with international standards, our quality process leads us to continuously improve the reliability of our activities and relationships with our different partners.


All the values of our company ​​converge toward the concept of satisfaction. That central idea stimulates us every day and leads us to continuously improve our activities. Being recognized for the quality of its work is for our team an essential source of personal fulfilment. We want the members of our team to work in such healthy group climate to make them fulfill themselves through their assigned missions.