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Our mission

« Image analysis, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology techniques have never brought as much innovation and possibilities as they do today for the study of tissues and cells.


Histology, which was until now a method of identification of lesions or cancer, now offers us a range of opportunities for life sciences, allowing both the study of structure and integrity and the spatial organization of tissues and cells.

In recent years, the nature of the results produced by histological methods has increased progressively from qualitative to semi-quantitative then to quantitative methods. Due to the changes occurring in this discipline, it is now necessary to ensure the reliability of results, to adopt working methods within the meteorology laboratory, where to date the only evidence by the image was satisfactory.

The more an innovative method provides a precisely formulated result, the more the risk of errors intensifies. This implies that specific provisions have to be made for the production of reliable results.

Histalim is clearly positioned in this field, integrating new methods concerning histology and re-designing them so that they fit the strictest quality charts. As a result, we offer to our customers a quality of service that might satisfy the most demanding of them…

And we believe that only this requirement will allow them to succeed. »

Jean-Philippe COTON