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Our environmental policies


Histological section of a linden bud Safranin O-Green Light staining

Histalim is working to reduce its environmental impact.

  • We select equipments designed to reduce the consumption of reagents and to limit the volume of laboratory waste.
  • We cut down the amount of fixative reagent for histological processing of food products, unlike histological practices.
  • For the processing of biological waste, we select a supplier certified for infectious risk management.
  • Our chemical waste processing supplier is approved by the French Water Institution.
  • We periodically order analysis on eco-toxicity of rejected water involved in our staining procedures, to control the lack of environmental risk.
  • We reduce paper consumption by limiting document printing.
  • We daily commit to the respect of all the environmental policies formalized in our procedures.
  • We always focus on the Continuous Improvement for our environmental approach.