The histology services company


For nearly 10 years HISTALIM provides services in the fields of histology, cytology and molecular biology for clients from a wide range of sectors including human and animal health, dermo-cosmetics, chemistry, environment, agronomics, agri-food industry…

Ranging from neurosciences to toxicity assessment, from the characterization of therapeutic antibodies to the evaluation of implantable medical devices…, our teams focus on accompanying each client to provide each of them with a perfectly controlled service. Our histological technical resources, our European network of histopathology experts, and our techniques in image processing and analysis enable us to meet efficiently each client’s specific need.

The wide variety of our activities pushes us to constantly question ourselves in order to best get used to the requirements of each field of activity and to meet the standards and regulations of the different sectors we work in. The large diversity of our experiences enables us to work in a very transversal way and to use the good practices of a given sector to inspire another one and help it drive innovation.