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Histopathological readings

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Access each phase of your project (discovery, preclinical, clinical, etc.) with the most appropriate expertise in histopathology, thanks to a network of experts with previously qualified skills.

The interpretation of histological slides requires hiring experts with skills specific to very specialized domains: evaluation of the toxicity of a compound, experimental pathology, clinical studies, work on medical devices, cosmetic and dermatological efficacy tests, etc.

Histalim has therefore established a European network of specialists spread over more than 5 countries (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, France, etc.).

Our services :

  • Routine histopathological readings (eg.: grading, evaluation of the percentage of tumour cells, comparison with the blinded group, etc.)
  • Histopathological readings as part of the evaluation of the toxicity of a compound
  • Complex histopathological readings (eg.: rating the tolerance of a compound subcutaneously)
  • Design and validation of a method of histopathological evaluation

Look at our presentation leaflet on histopathological reading