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Data sharing on secured server

Safely share your virtual slides and your data via internet with different partners (pathologists, experts, etc.). Benefit thus from a collaborative workspace suited to digital pathology.

After the creation of an account, a workspace is configured depending on the reading and/ or writing rights of the persons who have access to it. This space can enable you to share your data with:

  • Your internal teams and with the HISTALIM teams
  • One or several pathologists, in collaborative or blinded work
  • Clinicians, scientific experts and researchers
  • Your customers /  Scientific Advisory Board / the sponsor of the project
  • A quality auditor, an inspector of the regulatory agency, etc.

Apart from the exchange of virtual slides, the platform makes it possible to download and share the numerical data safely as text documents, data tables, images, etc.

This platform has followed a validation programme for software tools and has records ensuring the traceability of each change and each modification. This traceability can be extracted in the form of an « Audit trails » when the project is finalized. As a result, this solution is compatible with the management of projects under GXP conditions (GLP and GCP).

Working in this manner enables you to improve responsiveness and greatly facilitates the exchanges and your approach to open innovation, while securing it.