Acquisition of images and slides digitization2018-11-20T14:00:23+00:00

Acquisition of images and slides digitization

Testicules He Souris

A histological work of quality must give rise to sharp, reliable and easy to read digital images. In view of this, our laboratory offers to scan your slides (via a NanoZoomer Hamamatsu).

Each slides digitization produces a file corresponding to a «virtual slide» which has a great number of advantages:

  •  Very high image resolution
  • The possibility of working without microscope, through a computer (Mac or PC)
  • Working quickly without the use of paper (the data are shared on a secured server)
  • To be able to simply comment on and annotate each slide
  • Using the scans for performing image analysis
  • Exporting illustrations with a configurable level of resolution
  • Archiving simply and efficiently large volumes of data with digital support
  • Preserving sustainably the quality of a label (eg.: with fluorescence)
  • Simulating a depth of focus through a specific acquisition in « Z-Stack », etc.