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Searching for human tissues in bio-banks


Searching for characterized biological samples is essential for carrying out R&D projects effectively. There are a number of projects which require working on rare pathologies as well as on cohorts of tissues (FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded) or frozen) taken from different individuals.

In order to meet this requirement, Histalim offers to conduct research work on characterized human tissues (diagnosed positive for a given pathology), and this, only for projects requiring the use of our services in histology or in molecular biology.

In order to do this, the company calls upon its network of public and private bio-banks spread across several countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, India, Australia, Singapore, etc.). These partners are selected for their compliance with regulations (presence of patient consent forms, etc.) and for the quality of sampling and storage conditions. It is sometimes required to make use of several sources to form a cohort of interest.

When the tissues are identified, they are submitted to the customer for approval before implementing the necessary steps for the import of human tissues (in compliance with French and European regulations). The provision of services by Histalim for your research projects is done in compliance with the law of 6th August 2004 concerning bioethics, establishing the framework for storage and preparation of elements from the human body.

All the tissues are qualified beforehand and are then additionally analyzed by an independent pathologist. This double reading work allows to certify the anatomopathologic status of each sample and to ensure the quality of the provided tissues.