Identification of biomarkers2018-11-20T14:00:20+00:00

Searching for human tissues in bio-banks


Histalim has designed a unique method of morphological data analysis to extract biomarkers associated with a pathology. This system is standardized previously with characterized data which serve as a standard (patient data, multi-omic data, histopathological scoring, etc.) before working on a large volume of images to be analyzed.

The toolwill study more than 200 morphological parameters in these images and then form a statistical correlation between the results obtained. This approach, not a priori, will result in a selection of morphological parameters which together address the issue in the best possible manner. It thus becomes possible to extract and validate the selection of the relevant morphological biomarkers.

The perspectives of application of this method find place in the early phases of research (eg.: identification of biomarkers), preclinical (eg.: design and validation of experimental models) and clinical (eg.: stratification of the patient).

Look at our presentation leaflet on identification of biomarker(s)