Histopathological study of characterized tissue biomarkers2018-11-20T14:00:20+00:00

Histopathological study of characterized

tissue biomarkers

The need for biomarkers, particularly in the clinical domain, is found to be increasing today. Thus, there is considerable research on the identification of biomarkers predictive of progress and response to a treatment (especially in R&D for personalized medicine).

In order to provide our reinforcement in this line of research, our anatomopathologists and morphologists have designed suitable tools for the analysis of large volumes of complex data for tissue biomarkers researches.

Our services:

  • Cellular and molecular characterization of healthy and/ or diseased tissues
  • Designing tailor-made image analyzing tools (immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization labelling)
  • Validation of protocol
  • Histological analyses in a multi-centric clinical study