Histology for the research and development of antibodies2018-11-20T14:00:19+00:00

Searching for human tissues in bio-banks


There are currently a wide variety of therapeutic or diagnostic antibodies (monoclonal, chimeric, humanized, human, unconjugated and conjugated antibodies, Fab fragment antibodies, single domain antibody dAb, scFv antibodies, etc.) and as many related research projects.

In order to cater to the different needs pertaining to this area, Histalim has positioned itself as a specialist in tissue analysis so as to assist its partners in their research process. These issues cover not only the study of (antigen/antibody) immune complex, but also the validation of candidate antibodies during the development phases.

Histalim conducts tissue screening which enables the study of the antibody-antigen interaction. It is thus possible to test candidate molecules in various tissue targets (as evidence of the concept or repositioning process), to design protocols (for paraffin-embedded and/ or frozen tissues), to characterize the bio-distribution of compounds, etc.

Our services:

  • Tissue screening
  • Development and validation of protocol
  • Study of reactivity
  • Study of bio-distribution

See our poster submitted at Empowered Antibodies Congress 2015: Cutting edge histology services for therapeutic antibody development