HISTALIM R&D expertise

The food microstructure conditions widely their texture, their technological properties and their sensory characteristics. To quantify parameters linked to food microstructure may favour their behaviour understanding. HISTALIM proposes agri-food industrialists to quantify numerous parameters which have not been assessed until now and that may be useful indicators to improve their processes or to set up new formulations.

Our team expertise in research and development on agri-food matrices is based on different skills: an excellent agri-food culture, large resources in histological image analysis and the mastery of quality results.

For any research and development service, we validate with our customers  all the specifications including a precise objective and a realisation schedule. Then the subcontracted project is followed by the means of project reviews whose reports are systematically sent to the customer. Finally the whole study elements are gathered in a complete report which belongs to the customer.

For more details on the different services in research and development we can perform, charts are at your disposal. 

HISTALIM also has extensive experience in collaborative research. In agri-food, we are the leader of the European project called LOTIMS (funded by EUROSTARS, labelled by the competiveness pole q@limediterranée) which deals with muscle fibre structure quantification.

CIR: research tax credit

HISTALIM is agreed by the French Minister of Superior teaching and research to perform research and development services subcontracted eligible to the research tax credit.