Histology is a technique used to determine the nature of tissues by microscopic browsing. Although it is mostly used for medical purposes, histology offers wide opportunities to the food industry.

Food histology can detect every component of a food product, provided it is not soluble in water or fat, and assess it’s nature, whether of animal origin (muscle, bone, offal, MRM, porkrind …), or of vegetable origin (vegetal proteins, hydrocolloids, truffle, starch, spices …).

A section from the analysed sample is cut, and subjected to specific staining that highlights the different components. Thanks to her experience and her skills, our histologist can interpret the microscopic images present on the section to determine the composition.

Section preparation

The reliability of histological results depends partly on the section preparation. For this reason, we go beyond the NF V 04-417 method recommendations, and apply extra precautions, to better take into account the specificities of the food products we analyse. In this way we guarantee an excellent quality of histological sections.

Data base

We dispose of a histological database  which we use as a reference for the component identification of the samples that we analyse. This tool is being continually enriched according to food processing evolutions.