This art gallery introduces the work of Patrice Palacio. The artist was inspired by high definition images provided by Histalim. His artwork falls within the Bio Art movement and was launched by the Life Makes Art charity.

A word by the artist:

“More than just making a painting, I wanted to depict an experience. I used some painting abstract technics to bring a new and supernatural photographic reality. I travelled through terra incognita and brought back something. “

Patrice Palacio’s artwork will be exposed at the musée Fabre in Montpellier on the 9th of April 2015. We invite everyone to click on the following link and indicate your favourite painting.

Lame 1
Lame 2
Lame 2
Lame 3
lame 4
Lame 4
Lame 6
Lame 5
lame 6
Lame 4