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Histology meeting

Histology meeting


The IHC Multiplex Meeting was held at HISTALIM on September 13 in Montpellier, France. The meeting brought together the French multiplex community from major public institutions (CNRS, INSERM, Institut Curie, etc.) and private companies (Sanofi, Transgene, Histalim, etc.) and was supported by ENZO, LEICA and PERKIN-ELMER. This event highlighted the attention and potential of IHC multiplex in the scientific community as well as its potential use in personalized medicine.

 The main topics of the day were the technological challenges related to IHC Multiplex and the promise it has  to phenotype the immune infiltration of tumors in situ. In the arena of anti-cancer immunotherapy, IHC Multiplex constitutes a formidable potential as it can localize the markers of interest in the tissue architecture of the tumor, complementing other assays such as flow cytometry, next-generation sequencing, nanostring, etc.

During the meeting, a roundtable discussion was held on the challenges that remain to be overcome in order to use IHC Multiplex in large-scale clinical trials. Currently, many biotechnology companies are considering the use of IHC Multiplex panels to determine the immune profile of tumors and the relation and/or the applicability to their developed, targeted therapies. The method also could be used during the clinical trial phase to monitor the effects of their therapeutic solutions.

IHC Multiplex offers a great opportunity to improve the performance and efficiency of clinical trials as it allows numerous biomarkers to be gathered on the same tissue slide therefore enabling patient stratication and/or the monitoring of treatment effects.  Although this method is still in its infancy in the clinical field, all of the participants, including medical pathologists, agree on the scientific and technical advances IHC multiplex can provide.

To reinforce the IHC multiplex community and stay up to date on technical advances, Histalim will host a second edition of the IHC Mulitplex Meeting Building onSeptember 12, 2019.

Some pictures of the event:


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