Our Work

Studying the structure, integrity, and spatial organization of tissues and cells is one of the keys to understanding the life sciences. This can only be properly achieved through a rigorous metrological approach.

HISTALIM, technical platform for histology, cytology and molecular biology offers laboratory services that combine:


Toxicological studies generally require anatomopathology testing. HISTALIM is positioned as a subcontractor for CROs in the field of histology techniques.

By having perfect control over each of the preparatory stages of histological sections, including special or innovative techniques, HISTALIM offers its customers a gain in flexibility and safety.


Businesses in the biotech sector may punctually need to call on histological, cytological or morphometrical methods in order to validate some of their activities.

HISTALIM adapts to any specific need by guaranteeing full control over the technical manipulations and is committed to absolute confidentiality.

Collaborative research

Thanks to its great competence in Research & Development management, HISTALIM has successfully led several collaborative research projects, in partnership with academics, SMEs and international firms.

If you have a project that may fit within our company’s strategy, we can commit with you to help bring your ideas to life.