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With a PhD in spatial organization of intramuscular connective tissue and a degree in histopathology of murine cancer models at the Veterinary School of Toulouse, Laurence SIFRE-MAUNIER brings a dual expertise in histology and image analysis. Thanks to those skills, she conducts now pharmacology studies in the fields of oncology and metabolic diseases.

Pharmacology, metabolic diseases, oncology, extracellular matrix, image analysis.

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With a PhD in neurobiology and through her long experience as researcher in neurobiology, Lise GUTKNECHT has developed skills in in-situ hybridization (using RNA probes), immunofluorescence, cloning, genetically modified mice and team management. In neuroscience, she acquired an expertise in neurotransmitter analysis, by studying the role and influence of neurotransmitters in neuropathology.

Fluorescence, cloning, neurosciences, laboratory management, neuropathology.

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Renaud BURRER holds a PhD in Virology & Immunology obtained at the Louis Pasteur University (France). His research work focused mainly on antiviral immune responses and autoimmune diseases at the Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA, USA), then at the CIML (Marseille, France). He was in charge of developing exosome-based vaccines in a biotechnology company for 6 years.
He now leads the Research & Development team at HISTALIM where his expertise in the mechanisms of action of antibodies highly contributes to the development of the company.

Immunology, viruses, antibodies, auto-immune diseases

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Séverine KIRCHNER has developed her skills in the fields of genomics and tissue engineering at the University of California, Ivrine. She is today putting her expertise at work to contribute to the development and the management of in-situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry protocols within our laboratory.

In-Situ Hybridization, genomics, tissue engineering, immunohistochemistry.



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Thanks to his professional and educational background specialized in image processing by computer software, Assil has developed a great experience in project management in the field of medical and multimodal imaging. Now he works at Histalim to develop image analysis tools for histology, modeling and designing innovative applications for R&D projects i.e. morphological biomarkers research, 3D histology…

Image analysis, morphological biomarker, 3D histology

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Bénédicte ANDRE

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Through her experience in a technical center at Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School, Bénédicte ANDRE has developed her skills in food histology along with her unique expertise in food microstructure. Her expertise focuses on the relationship between industrial processes and tissue composition of food, including integrity and myofibrillar modification studies of meat and fish.

Food-processing industry, microstructure, muscle, hydrocolloids, quality.