Medical pathologists


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Dr Maxime BATTISTELLA is Assistant Professor in Pathology at Université Paris 7- Hôpital Saint Louis. Graduated in Dermatology, Immunology and Oncology, he is board certified in Dermatopathology, and member of the French Society of Dermatology, the French Society of Pathology, the European Academy of Dermato-Venerology, and of the International Society of Dermatopathology. His clinical experience and his research work confer him expertised skills in the field of cutaneous pathology, tissue biomarker characterization and tissue evaluation of innovative therapeutics. He is also regional a expert for the Rare Cancers networks of INCa : CARADERM (Dermatological Rares Cancers), RRePS (Sarcomas), GFELC (Cutaneous lymphomas).

Dermatology, pathology, therapeutic innovation, oncology, immunology.

Ghislaine DASTE

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The medical pathologist Ghislaine DASTE has developed an extensive experience in design and validation of in vitro diagnostic tools. Her competencies in molecular biology, analytical and quantitative cytology, and in clinical research allow her to take charge of large and complex multi-parameter assays, especially in oncology.

In vitro diagnostic, clinical research, multiparameter assays, analytical cytology, quantitative cytology.